Data-Driven Technology | Crime Prevention and Response | Socioeconomic Determinants of Crime

About Us

The rapid changes in technology over the last few years have allowed for a greater level of insight into why things happen, and in turn, what can bring about change. 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from emergent technology, not just cities with billion-dollar budgets. In the same way, major metropolitan cities should not be the only ones paving the way for the future of law enforcement.

Federal, state, and private funding streams offer opportunities for agencies to design, implement, and test innovative ideas for advancing technology, reducing violent crime, and creating best practices. Enter Envisage. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to collaborate with different-minded people to seek out innovative data-driven solutions to the problems that plague our communities - be it violent crime, opioid addiction, or the over-population of jails. Envisage offers a full suite of services for law enforcement, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, including grant writing, project design, project evaluation, and analytics. As independent evaluators, our goal is to give credibility to research findings released to the public.